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Don't know what kind of specialist to see

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I would suggest talking to any Vet who may have handled the cats. Maybe they tested them for parasites. You should do research on cat parasites and their symptoms in humans. Check for family traits, and look for mold in the house. There may be a clue somewhere, and they are easy to overlook. I have not been impressed with infectious disease doctors who have seen me, but they can’t seem to handle anything exotic or unusual. If you could see a doctor in alternative medicine, or integrative medicine, they are trained to look at the patient rather than the disease. I have heard of them working with Mayo and getting good results. Good luck.

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Thank you for your reply. The cats have HAD parasites and were treated for them. The research I’ve done suggests that we could have a parasite. We had our house assesed for mold and it was determined that we have none. One of my aunts has several of our symptoms but has attributed them (in herself) to her age and weight. We don’t really believe in alternative medicine, though we may consider it if we keep getting nowhere with conventional doctors.

This does sound like a credible theory, and just a stab in the dark from me. A collegue I worked with had an unusual allergy to a chemical in plastic and it took a fair few doctors to diagnose and he did move house a couple of times thinking it was something there since he was better when away from home. If all 3 of you have problems I wouldn’t think it was an alergy. Although something elso to consider though, do you still have the same trouble when you live away from home for a while? If you do its something in your house, and that would be a start.

Thank you for responding. My sister and I stayed sick—-got worse, actually—-after we went away to college, so if it’s something environmental, it must be a parasite or something that would stay with us after we left the environment.

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