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Don't know what kind of specialist to see

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Do you all live together?

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I guess I didn’t post this directly as a reply to your response the first time. We did live together when we got sick. (And my mom does cat rescues…you’d think we could find a dr. willing to test us for parasites, but no.) My sister and I each got sick a few months into our senior year in HS then left for college the following summer and stayed sick while we were in school. My seizures began a year after I left home.

I know it is hard to find a doctor sometimes. It took me years to find one for a problem I had, but my experience was that once I was willing to pay out of pocket for something then any doctor was willing to help. Don’t give up on your parasite idea. It sounds like its a good idea and probably easy to treat if you can ever begin treatment.

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