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Don't know what kind of specialist to see

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Maybe I should have put symptoms? I DON’T KNOW HOW THIS WORKS! I hate to mention that our mom is sick, too, because one dr. said he thought my sister and I might have something hereditary, but it would be odd if it were hereditary when our mom had gotten sick only 5 years before us—he would expect her to have been sick since her teens like we were. And her symptoms began with a complete loss of pain sensation, which neither of us has had.

Some symptoms: started out with fatigue, change in sense of smell and taste, episodes of lower abdominal pain, back pain and pain under the bottom of my ribcage on left side—felt like I was wearing a belt of fire. Every 3-6 months, a cluster of new symptoms would begin, and some have been permanent but others have gone away: memory problems (specifically forgetting words in mid-sentence and forgetting how to do things that I had just learned for my job), balance problems, off-again-on-again urinary symptoms with no infection, dark streaks under fingernails, sleeping longer and difficult to wake, night sweats, photophobia and phonophobia, (I was given Ativan in an ER and it made me “see” sounds—very freaky) joint pain esp hips and shoulders that started immediately after a bout with the flu (?) and ended just as suddenly a year later after another bout with the flu (or flu-like illness) then restarted a few weeks later, weakness in hands making grasping difficult, globs of fat in poo, green urine, then my seizures started after 1 1/2 years. They stopped for a while when I was taking Lamictal (but I had almost constant stomach pain on it so I quit taking it), then restarted and now last up to a half hour. Test results seem to vary from one to another. One constant is low (like 4) Vitamin D and a calcium reading that fluctuates from 8.1-10.6

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Yes. And we have all been tested—PCR, western blot, etc. All negative. Thank you for your response.

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