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Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

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I had a long segment lumbar fusion surgery done at a place other than Mayo in 2008. It was a complete failure leaving me in crushing pain only relieved by 24/7 administration of opiate based meds. I am now waiting to see if Mayo can do a revision surgery that was a bit less invasive than my initial surgery. Am also looking at getting my entire lumbar spine fused to the pelvis. I dont want to go with any radical anterior approach because I dont think I can survive it. I am hoping that Mayo can go with a minimal approach from the front and do most of the work from the backside. I dont guess I will know until I talk to the doctors on the 9th of August, my initial appt date.
I will refuse an anterior/posterior radical approach…..dont think I can survive it and dont want to try. I hope that the rep of the Mayo is all that it has been built up to be

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Did you have herniated dics? I have just started a series of 3 epidural steriod injections. So far the first one has not helped but am hopeful the next one will. The doctor is trying to prevent surgery. I look foward to hearing what you find out at Mayo. They are amazing!

My problemes started in 06 after hip replacement and then being revised in 07. Caused my L2 to L5 to buldge and herniate. Haave taken the 3 epidural shots each year for 5 years. they help for about a month but the pain comes back, gives weight gain and brittle bones. Have seen several dr. but no surgery.

Thank you so much for your reply. what do your doctors say can be done?

no hope, must just live with it. am taking pain meds and lircia but does not help. I do make myself get up and exercise each day with water arobics and weights but steriods make my muscles weak so am unable to stand for mor than 5 min.; also weight gain. What dr. I need is someone that looks at the back and pelvis as a unit with the legs.

sad part was I was a nurse ( school nurse) and should have known how to handle this but know about kids but not this.

Where do you doctor at? Have you tried Mayo? I had a knee replacement that got infected and the original doctor would not address the issue and I about died. If it wasn’t for Mayo I wouldn’t have a leg and may have died. I know have a fused leg which does add to my back issues.

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