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Costochrondritis/ Tietze syndrome

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Hi @shshank_gaurv,
It appears you may be under the impression I am a medical professional. I am not, and am therefore not in a position to provide medical advice. Mayo Clinic Connect provides a place for community members (patients, family members, caregivers) to share their experiences and connect with those who've faced similar experiences.

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Researching costochondritis on Mayo Clinic's website, chiropractic adjustment is not one of therapies recommended, per http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/costochondritis/basics/treatment/con-20024454. Additionally, here is information you may wish to read about chiropractic treatment, what you can expect, how to prepare and potential risks: http://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/chiropractic-adjustment/basics/what-you-can-expect/prc-20013239.

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I too have costochrondroits which can come on quite suddenly between my ribs usually on the left side. Will happen often when I change sides when In bed and can really travel from side to back etc. Most painful spasm I,ve ever endured since child birth pain. Takes my breath away. Fortunately only lasts s few minutes for me.I try not to move, take in large breaths slowly to get oxygen to my muscles and wait it out. I have Fibromyalgia also. I've done so much information hunting with no definite answers: just inflammation of the connective tissue between my ribs. My primary doc tells me to take Advil and rest, should I have a long episode. What is the other condition you spoke about starts with a T? Had not heard of it before?

Hi, @virtuous69. I'm sorry to hear about all the pain you've been experiencing.

You asked about Tietze Syndrome. It's another name for costochondritis. Here is some additional information:http://mayocl.in/1QRHoJk.

You mentioned your doctor suggested taking over-the-counter pain medication and rest when you have long costochondritis pain episodes. Are you finding any relief with that regimen?

@lisalucia:. Thank you for your reply and link to Tietze. Yes, just breathing deeply and waiting the spasm symptom out, not moving, is the only thing I can do. I generally only have a few moments of that painful sudden spasm.Interestingly, I've always been baffled by the cause other than reading an inflammation of the cartilage between the ribs..
But the link points to osteoarthritis and ankylosing spondilitis of which I have both may give me more understanding. I have Fibromyalgia also so that must factor in. Doc said if you press on both sides of your breast bone and it's very tender, most liking costochrondrtis and not heart attack. Advil was recommended when I had a one time long severe episode. Helped.