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temporomandibular joint, the hinge joint for your jaw. one on each side so it can affect just one side.very painful,causes popping and cracking sounds and headaches most people get a mouth piece made by dr to wear to correct,i had both of mine replaced in 1998.they finally wore out and dislocated,can be prevented though,i would def see dr about it.

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Did you have your jaw replacements done at Mayo? I had Silastice placed in 1986, followed by having jaw broken and brought out in 1988. Had Chromium cobalt metal fossa eminence prosthesis put in on other side 1997. Was explanted in 2002 and the metal prosthesis put in on that side. Finially, they had to break my jaw and shwing it around in 2005. Got the “no chew” diet down by now. As long as I can eat and chew, I am grateful

No I had several surgeries in fort worth, Texas. I had my final complete replacement at UT SOUTHWESTERN IN DALLAS. It was over a period of 5 yrs. Seeing different doctors,some good some horrible, but thankfully I have done very well with the replacement. I know what you mean about learning how to eat again nice hearing from you.

Hello, I am in wait(expectation) of a total prosthesis tmj. How takes place the operation and the consequences(suites)? How you smell maintaining you? Had you of the degenerative osteoarthritis as me which devoured the joints(articulations)? Had you a detour(deviation) of the mandible? Thank you in advance. I am a little discouraged. Cathy

I had just about every procedure known tried on me. It was a horrible and painful part of my life, but having the total replacement was the best thing to happen to me. About 6-8 months recovery/rehabilitation and havent had an issue since. That was performed in 1998!!! I have degenerative joint disease, i have also had both of my hips replaced and multiple knee surgeries. In my opinion as last resort joint replacement and trust me, you will know when its time. I wish you well and you can do this!

Hello Ironman, thank you very much for your answer Your testimony is very important for the persons in my case. We read so horrible things about the replacements of jaw joints (risks of facial paralysis in particular). I also heard that it was necessary to change prostheses every 10 years, it is exact? What type of prosthesis have you, a prosthesis in titanium? Excuse me if I don’t speak english very well I am French.Does the Ut Southwestern in Dallas make numerous replacement of the joints(articulations), have they the habit of prosthetic replacements of temporomandibular joints ? ( because in France, this type of surgery is very very rare and the surgeons are not experimented !)
Thank you for your answer

Hello Cathy, my replacement is made from titanium, i am very lucky to have the surgeon i did. He was very skilled in the tmj replacement. Unfortunatly he has gone into private practice performing plastic surgery, but he trained the surgeons that are at UT Southwestern now. I was the 7th person to receive this particular appliance and it is in there for a lifetime. The last checkup i had, the bone has grown around the appliance the way it was suppose to. I know there are a lot of replacements going on that are not performed properly. This is a very serious procedure and i would hope anyone considering it would do a lot of research. If i had to travel half way around the world to have it done right i definitly would. They do perform this surgery on a regular basis at UT Southwestern. To only have to go through this one time is worth it. I cannot imagine every ten years. If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask. Thanks David

Thank you David, I am happy to see that everything goes well for you and it gives me hope, even if it means going to make me operate in United States . Because in France, the surgeons are very “cold” to make this type of operation Had you other testimonies of persons operated in UT Southwestern for whom the operation was a success? I am in connection with three other persons in France who need TMJ replacements (Davina, Mélanie, Monique and I) and we look for testimonies. Perhaps will we do a journey grouped in United States to be operated 🙂 At which age was you operated? Im 49 years .

Cathy, my surgeon put me in contact with 3 people that he performed the surgery on. I talked to two of them and they were 1 year post-op. they both said do not hesitate, this surgery works and you wont regret it. I was 32 yrs old in 1998 when i had the surgery, it took the doctor 2 hrs to clean up and prepare my joints for the surgery because they were in such bad shape. There are many places to have this surgery performed, i am shocked that that France is behind in this medical technology. As for the surgeons in the US they are probably like every where else, some are not very compassionate and some are great, also there are the ones that should have never become doctors. Ha! Just please make sure you are at the point that total replacement is your only option. As i stated before, you can ask me all the questions you need to, i do not mind at all. Sometimes it makes you feel better hearing from someone who has been through it. David

David, Thank you for your advice. In fact, in Europe, there is only two surgeons, specialists of the surgery of the joints : one in England and one in Italy ! The French surgeons are lagging behind, say that it is too risky, do not dare. It seems that that takes place better in United States and in Canada too, where maxillo facial surgeons are used of this kind(genre) of surgery. Concerning me, the replacement of tmj is not for at once, I can wait but it is important for me to have advice. Thank you for being present for all people who need testimonies, as me 🙂

Hello David, i have a little question. As I told you, i suffer of idiopathic condylar resorption and in a first time, the surgeon propose me an orthodontic treatment and a orthognatic surgery to move forward the mandible. Secondly, if it gets worst, he propose me a TMJ replacement surgery.
What is the same thing for you : at first the orthodontics treatment and the orthognatic surgery? Then, the TMJ replacement.?
Because I heard orthognatic surgery was not indicated in the cases oh idiopathic condylar resorption. And can aggravate the resorption .
I am a little lost?
Can you help me?
Thank you very much

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