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When I started menopause five years ago, I began having severe heart palpitations, insomnia, memory loss, fatigue, and back pain. I had my thyroid removed in my 20’s, so I thought that might have made my menopause worse. I went to several different doctors trying to find relief. I was told to reduce stress, drink less coffee, take more calcium, get more exercise–all the standard menopause advice. I continued to get worse. I kept changing doctors trying to get another answer.. They kept running the same tests and saying the same things. FINALLY a doctor tested my calcium level and then ran more tests based on that result and discovered that I had hyperparathyroidism!!!! I can’t believe so many doctors missed that. I can’t believe no one tested my calcium levels, especially when most women are told to take 1200mg of calcium daily as they approach menopause!!! All the women on my mother’s side died before reaching 60 because of heart disease. I can’t help but think they may have all died from undiagnosed hyperparathyroidism.

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Hi Terri,
I am going thru a similar time with episodes at least every month for weeks at a time of severe palpitations. my cardiologist did the whole workup…stress test, ekg holter monitor and everything with my heart is ok. I just bought calcium with magnesium and vitamin D3 and will see if that helps. After reading your story from july 18 i may get bloodwork done first to check my labs to check my thyroid. Did your palpitations go away and what did the MD prescribe for the hyperparathyroidism?

My palpitations went away and my blood pressure went from a high of 140/95 back down to 110/75. But the disease did damage my bones–I now have osteopenia. I just wonder if I would have escaped the bone disease had I been diagnosed correctly three years ago. Have them check your pth and calcium levels. Hyperparathroidism makes your calcium levels too high by pulling calcium from your bones and putting it in your blood. It’s very hard on your body. My memory has definitely improved as well.

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