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There is hope!!! I can relate, wow this menopause thing is really tough. I just want to say that I’m doing much much better. I found a physician that recommended saliva testing (she also ran some blood tests), the testing was done thru a pharmacy. Once the test results were in, they worked together to compile the supplements I needed. There is hope!!!!!!! Hang in there, be persistent in finding a physician that can help you! I’m serious!!! It took 2 weeks to see improvement, however I’m now taking supplements confidently and I’m amazed at the results.

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Hi Anonymous,

What did your MD prescribe and what did thew saliva tests show? What were your symptoms?

Hot flashes around the clock, all day and all night which caused no sleep! I had no energy, felt depleted. I Had all I could do to get through a day! Saliva tests showed that my energy levels (not sure if that’s the right term) were shooting upwards at night. They should’ve been going up in the morning, not at night! The pharmacist/physician together prescribed the following: 1000 IU of Vitamin D (blood test showed I was low), Vitamin B-Complex, Calcium 600, Adren-All (Ortho molecular products), C-progesterone 150 mg (this is something they compound for me at the pharmacy), also, I put a scoop of this chocolate drink mix (otho molecular products Glycemic Foundation) in my oatmeal each am. It took about 2 weeks, wow and then I began to recover. They talked about my adrenal glands being messed up from enduring long periods of stress. My son has miraculously recovered from severe head injuries from a mva a few years ago. He had cranial surgery etc. Yes, l’d experienced some stress alright. My adrenals needed to be brought back into alignment. The combination of the things I’ve listed sure have turned my life around. $200 for saliva testing, but it was the best $200 I’ve ever spent!!!!! Hang in there, find that MD you can connect with, it’s worth it!!

One more thing, I asked “How long will I need to take these supplements?” They both agreed 6 months would be long enough. We’ll reassess in 6 months and adjust as needed. I was relieved! I felt pulled in so many directions before this experience. I’d gone to the Health Food store and I was taking different things for menopause, however I didn’t feel confident that any ot it would help. I was wasting money there because I wasn’t sure the recommendations there would help. So now I take my little pile of pills with my oatmeal in the am, and the next little pile before I go to bed with an evening snack, it’s all good!! 🙂

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