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Dysthymia or Chronic Depression

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Ginger, I have usually soldiered on as well as possible during the difficult days, usually in my own company. I have an understanding wife, and two equally understanding Miniature Schnauzers who are pleased to be either as close or as far away as needed. The holidays are ok, not especially great. I am a 72 year old only child with no children, but we have two great nieces and two great nephews, young enough to glory in the wretched excess of commercial Christmas. I am an Elder in the Presbyterian church, and am working with a congregation of another church which is having some issues. That keeps me grounded, sometimes agitated, and sometimes fulfilled. A difficult calling, but I feel I am making a positive impact on the congregation and pastor. I am not a pastor, but have dealt in dispute resolution for the bulk of my professional life. Church is spiritual, but it is also a business, so my demeanor and vocabulary is decidedly sectarian, and more effective than the pastoral model.

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@elwoodsdad An understanding family is so important, I think you will agree. Family doesn't always have to be blood relatives, either; I have to keep reminding myself. I have four siblings but am in touch with only one; no children. Being of service to others is a great way to step away from our daily issues. I bet you may find yourself at times, being more compassionate with some people, and at other times just plain frustrated at how some "awfulize" what is really not a problem. The faith community is lucky to have your voice and experience to help guide them!