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meeta (@meeta)

Dysthymia or Chronic Depression

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Hi Meeta,
You are so compassionate for trying to help your mom. I am a (child) psychologist and can tell you the single-most important thing for your mom’s recovery will be professional help. Since she has seen a doctor, it sounds like she is already accessing help of some kind. Hopefully they will get her connected to the necessary professionals who can help her. In my experience it’s usually the combination of medication and therapy that are most effective in overcoming dysthymia and/or depression. Bear in mind that this condition did not develop overnight and, likewise, it will take time to treat. However, the important thing to remember is that it IS treatable. Just be patient and most importantly for you, don’t blame yourself or allow your life to become defined by your mom’s condition. Hang in there, sweetie, and just know that things will get better.

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This link will give you more information on dysthymia. I hope you find it helpful.

Hi Derby,
Thanks a lot for your suggestions.Very true this condition didn’t develop overnight.Now her mind works faster than her body.She has been having OCD since last many years.All I want her to be is calm..Hopefully all will be fine ..Thanks once again..