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Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome

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Hello fellow Heartbeats!
My 15 year old son was diagnosed with WPW syndrome last year. He is scheduled for his ablation Later this month. It seems like an easy procedure and recovery. He wears a heart monitor to keep tracking of episodes of WPW. His episodes seem to be more frequent so we’re happy he’s scheduled for this correction. My reason for reaching out is to maybe get feedback on other WPW experiences after the ablation procedure. Also to ask for a quick prayer for my son. Thanks and take care!

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@erixfam, welcome to Connect. I'm hoping that I can bring @601meagan into this conversation about Wolff Parkinson White. Her daughter was diagnosed a few years ago. You can read a bit more here:
* Wolff-parkinson-white syndrome https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/wolff-parkinson-white-syndrome/

Erixfam, how is your son feeling about getting the ablation soon?

Hi Colleen,
Doesn’t seem to phase him. Everyone else is more on edge. Albeit it appears to be an easy procedure. July 30th is his scheduled operation, so we have some time still. He more upset he has to take a break from Lacrosse.
Thank you.

My son was diagnosed with WPW at the age of 16, and successfully had an ablation a few months later. He tolerated it very well; he went home a few hours after the procedure, returned to school three days later, and resumed normal activity/exercise in less than a week. He’s now 24 years-old and has had no cardiac issues. Wishing the best of luck for your son!

Hi @erixfam,

I wanted to ask after your son – did he have the ablation? How is he doing?

Hello Kanaaz,
Yes he had the ablation, they were able to find it during the procedure. So far so good, no issues reported.

Thank you so much for asking.