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Pain Awareness Month

September 7, 2016 | By Alyse Brunella (@alysebrunella)

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I have suffered with chronic pain since 1993…due to failed back surgeries. I would appreciate any and all suggestions on dealing with this pain and trying to survive it on a daily basis..I am not being treated for my pain at this moment, can not find a pain doctor. Any help with any of this or comments I would appreciate.

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I also suffered from chronic back and neck pain.
I’m going to Yale New Haven Pain Clinic. After trying different tactics, i.e. therapy, acupuncture, spinal blocks and all failed Yale burned my nerves and so far I have little or no pain for 7 months. I no longer take any pain medication.
My neck is a different story. Medication doesn’t touch the pain. Many treatments are out of the question because of close proximity to my brain. I wear a neck brace when it’s really bad.
Ask your doctor about this method of pain relief.
Funny thing about pain. No one sees blood, a cast, wheelchair or other “in plain sight” reasons for sickness when you have pain. You don’t understand pain until you experience it.
And good luck.

I read your mail and wish to share my experience. I was unfortunately involved in two serious (separate) car accidents caused by drunken drivers.

I went to a neurologist who referred me to another specialist who dealt with neck injuries. I had the nerve ends burnt off in theatre and it helped and was very successful. However the pain came back and I had it done twice again.

Fortunately my medical aid advised that long term this treatment could cause greater harm and that ultimately I would have serious nerve damage which could not be corrected. They offered to pay for a year’s rehabilitation at a Musculoskeletal Treatment Center. The treatment was a life changing experience. The clinic measures your neck movement range and pain levels. By means of advanced medical equipment and exercises plus physio-therapy and massages by qualified medical staff they taught me how to strengthen my neck and posture.

I have also found that not wearing heavy clothing(jackets) and jewelry around my neck also prevented pain. I am a different person who doesn’t live “pain” anymore.

I hope that this may be of assistance.

D Motto-Ros

I’m so sorry about your accidents. Also very angry they were caused by drunk drivers.
Thank you for the information about nerve burning. I’ll be sure to ask next time I have an appointment.
By the way, I also take Garbapentin, the only prescription that really worked for me. Have you tried it?