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@cindylb So nice to “meet” you, Cindy. Our paths have never crossed so it was good to hear about a Connect member with whom I was unfamiliar.
I live in NH but am in Denver right now for our son’s wedding tonight up in Pine – beautiful mountain setting. My son lives in the Lowry section of Denver but we are in a VRBO in Cherry Creek.

I took piano lessons as a child and have been considering taking some lessons to be able to play again but as much as I would like to I doubt I will.
I LOVE peanut butter too am especially addicted to Whole Foods fresh ground honey roasted. It’s surprisingly does not have as much sugar as you would suspect.

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JK, It was my Mom's 83rd birthday today and my husband and I just returned home for her birthday celebration at her home just a bit south of Pine! Congratulations to your son!!! Take those piano lessons….you'll pick it up again quickly. I have adult students too. My youngest student is 5 and my oldest is 72…….
I know peanut butter has lots of fat and too much sugar (sigh). I will look for the Whole Foods variety.