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Hi Kathy – The calendar we use is only available for those who participate in the HABIT program. Of great importance here, we have found in the past that it isn't having the calendar itself that helps, it is having specific training to support and engage people in using the calendar that helps. You can buy similar, although not exactly the same, calendars or day planners out there on the market. Again, however, it is not just having the calendar, it is getting training in using it that is of most benefit. That being said, writing things down more to help memory is better than trying to remember it on your own, regardless of our specific calendar!

Hope that helps!

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Thank you Virginia for explaining how you use your calendar, I will think about ways I can adapt any calendar. It was helpful to see the things you use it for. Paying bills would be something I would add, and having lunch foods available for my handicapped daughter to take to program. Also the things needed at the store, I don’t know how many times I shop and forget to pick up something. I keep appointments on my phone calendar and there is a way to coordinate phone calendars with others in the family. I don’t know how to do it, and I’m not sure if it’s possible on all phones. But sometimes I forget to check my phone.
Thanks again, Skylark.

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