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Hearing Aid Adjustment

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I am not having much success finding a local audiologist to reprogram my Costco K8.0 Rextons. I may have to fly to Southampton! However a very helpful local said that more sophisticated hearing aids that can be controlled via an IPhone (as mine are) can sometimes be reprogrammed remotely via the IPhone. She can provide the necessary audiogram and said that this approach is becoming more popular in the Covid era. Wow! Does anyone have any related knowledge?

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My only knowledge is that it did work for me. I have Oticon HA and I downloaded an app called Oticon Care and my audiologist was able to adjust my HA remotely. We connected by iPhone on a video call and it only took a few minutes. Results were successful.

@neil10 My Resound Linx3D's can be programmed remotely. I bought my hearing aids from an audiologist whose practice closed. I went to a different audiologist and they had to set up an account with Resound on behalf of me in order for them to be able to provide remote programming (I had to do this with my first audiologist too). Once the account is setup, you get a message on your phone and you have to accept an agreement before the programming can happen. All requests for programming comes from your phone app. If your aids have remote programmability, you should be able to navigate through your app to see if there is something where you can send a request. For mine, the section of the app is called "Resound Assist".
This brings up one of the issues when you buy through a large discount chain such as Costco. Yes, you are most likely getting a name brand hearing aid for a good deal, but the manufacturer cuts a deal with that chain and certain features, such as remote programmability, may not be an option. Sometimes you may not be able to have a telecoil option or the capability of recharging. It's best to know exactly what you want before considering buying a hearing aid. Unfortunately, people rely on an audiologist to be their best advocate. This is not how the real world functions though.
I'm not surprised that your local audiologist was not able to tell you if your aids can be programmed remotely or if they would even be able to do it. If I were your audiologist, and I wasn't certain, I would explain that I would be willing to work with you under the pretense that I may be unsuccessful. It would be a learning process for both of us. You wouldn't mind paying some money just to have an answer (and thus know that going to Costco is your ONLY option) and I wouldn't mind since I'm getting paid to learn and to at least try to help you. The local audiologist SHOULD have done more to help.
Tony in Michigan

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