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@harper7745 This type of question is common. COVID-19 is a new virus and so is the vaccine.

Have you looked through the Autoimmune group discussions related to COVID-19 vaccines? There are a lot.

Members like @dellinger @smccarty1 @hazelnut @darlia @devonsnana @emmaar @estrada53 have been part of these conversations.

I added this discussion to the COVID-19 group.

That is the question. Here is another related discussion you may want to scroll through in the COVID-19 group.
– To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/to-vaccinate-or-not-to-vaccinate-that-is-the-question/

May I ask if you've taken a look at the CDC guidelines? Below I have linked a discussion on this topic.

– CDC releases new guidelines for people who had COVID vaccinations https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/cdc-release-of-new-guidlines/

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Thank you for replying. I checked the other sites that you gave me and nobody seemed to have an autoimmune pancreas. The Mayo Clinic website said autoimmune pancreas was rare, and that there isn't any data on the safety of the vaccine for it. I made an appointment to talk with Mayo, and hopefully get an appointment down the road. Louise Harper