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Help- stomach pain

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I was in pain in my early 20s for 6 weeks . It turned out I had to have exploratory lap surgery. Endometrioses was everywhere. They also took out my appendix . You should be seen by a top surgeon. For his opinion. You're so young , I hope your parents are helping you.

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ahh, very scary when so young to have these issues….. husband just reminded me….. i have also had appendix out. was almost 40 and went into hospital for day surgery, keyhole, 'tubes to be tied" and d&c and GYNAECOLOGIST punctured uterus and when opened me up decided to take out my appendix while open… and this is a true story…. I was to be off work supposedly for 2 days, woke up in hospital room and he never told me what happened… he said oh you must have been having problems down there. (no i wasnt). Also got infection in one of the stitches, back to emerge, the other gyno pulled the plastic off my wound and said; Plastic Man, as stitches covered in see through plastic. Have a horizontal scar to show for it.
Well, I can say that the pain from that infected stitch was worse that everything else and I was off work quite a while. Also I only found out one year later from another doctor….can you believe it. They say Canadians in particular do not sue, well we have about 4 instances in our family when I think we could have or should have, but our way of thinking is what will it do besides cause a lot of stress… and we understand, doctors make mistakes like the rest of us, but to actually lie and not tell me what happened…. he eventually retired and sad to say he has now passed away! This is a true story I wish I had forgotten about!!!

I have endometriosis & had surgery & my endo from all the past surgeries turned into adhesions. The adhesions were so bad they were all twisted & knotted & the dr. could not get to all of it & in the mean time there was a small tear in small bowel. I am ok but now I have neuropathy .