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Help- stomach pain

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I went to ER for abdominal pain in my 30s had a negative white blood cell test and was sent home. My appendix ruptured the next day.

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@cim37343 oh no…. hopefully these days there is an additional test if still pain yet white blood cell test ok…. my daughter and her boyfriend at the time, not sure how long before, maybe 6 months, cant remember, got food poisoning from canned clams. I did read a few years later that sometimes food poisoning does something to the bowel, or can do. The exboyfriend also got Crohns but did not have any bowel removed. Also even a few years after that there was a notice in our local paper about claims $$ for people who had eaten those clams, but by then other things going on and she was in Ottawa so we didnt proceed, but should have just to ensure it didnt happen again. Anyway, she was on strong meds for about a year and then went off them and now is 51. She wonders if it turned out for the good that she had the diseased bowel taken out (semi hemi coloscopy or something) because the exboyfriend who she remained a friend of, suffered terribly with his Crohns. At the start she went to a meeting of people with Crohns and hadnt realized the seriousness of it and also how ill some people were and burst into tears. Only thing now is she has a b.m. about once maybe twice a week since. Gosh now I think of it, that was about 30 yrs ago… cant remember all the details.

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