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Stomach pain

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@nikkicxncel When you write about "stomach," where is that, (near the bottom of your rib cage or is the pain in your lower intestinal area)? Is the pain in the center of your body or to the right or left side? … If you are dehydrated, have you tried drinking Pedialyte (an electrolyte solution with more minerals than water).. Sports drinks have more minerals than water too, but Pedialyte or Drug Store Electrolyte Solution can help a lot to get you hydration back where it belongs…

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I would say center of stomach, probably belly button. And I’ve drank some pedialyte but not that much. I’m drinking about 16.9 FL a day, pretty much a water bottle a day. I don’t know if that’s enough but that’s all I can currently do. I have finally ate, I ate two toasted bread and I kept it down. I do still feel nauseous but I’m yet to throw up. Had diarrhea for a total of probably 2 days. Haven’t had diarrhea yet so hopefully it stays that way. My doctor says it’s really hard to become dehydrated since I’m 17. I’ve probably lost about 4-5 lbs in 4-5 days. Hopefully I get over this soon and get back to normal. I’m also having hot sweats when I wake up but no fever.

And it’s not exactly pain in my stomach, I’d probably describe it as a soreness or aching, discomfort? I don’t know but it’s not like sharp pains, only when my stomach grumbles and you get mild pain due to the grumbling.