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I'm on sirolimus, mycophenolate and prednisone.

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@estrada53 I thought the conference was excellent despite them acknowledging that it was not great news so far.

I too am on sirolimus and prednisone.

I requested the antibody tests used by Johns Hopkins from Mass General but for some reason, the person who fields all of the portal messages said they were not doing that. I thought if they requested that maybe my insurance would pay for it whereas if I self-referred it would not so I went to get the test anyway. It turned out that they can only do those tests with a doctor's lab request. Since I had already paid a fee I went ahead and got the regular antibody test and I did test positive for antibodies. That test does not tell you just how much immunity you do have though. I asked my PCP for a lab request and she called today and has faxed one to the lab so I will go for that tomorrow. I will be very interested in seeing what my immunity will be. I am sure I will have the results next week. When I do I will let everybody know how I fared.

@livertex I suspect you had the same test I had. It just shows positive and negative, not how many antibodies you have.