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Here at the Mayo Clinic in Florida, that is not the case at all. I am a stage IV cancer patient over 65 and yet here it is almost April and I have not been called to receive the vaccine. My oncologist thought back at the end of January I would be called quickly as they did for many of their patients and advised me not to go elsewhere. As time went on, it was advised that I get the vaccine anywhere I could. It was pretty scary that I had to lie on the form that asked if I had cancer, had radiation, had skin biopsy or allergic to drugs. I have not been in the inside of any type of building except Mayo in a year yet felt very exposed going there so often for treatments due to the fact that many of their healthcare have decided NOT to accept the vaccine.

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@seaspray. My neighbor is 82, diabetes, thyroid problem and hypertension. Her vaccine appointment was canceled due to shortage. She was waiting for 2 months. When she went to her doctor for 6 months check up her doctor was surprised she is still waiting. He told her he will make sure she got an appointment before she left. Sure enough, he did just that and she just got her first shot. Maybe doctors can pull some strings? I'm just speculating.

@seaspray– Good morning. I hear you, with my lung cancer I thought that I'd have my vaccines early too. I just had mine a little over a week ago and my second on April 11th. I know that trying to get one is difficult in some areas. What was it that you had to lie about?