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Bronchiestatis and tiredness

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I also raised a bunch of ski racers. In fact, I used to get my cough going every November when I'd hike up a mountain early morning about 10,000 ft, boot packing, to reach the finish line of the opening Noram slalom races at Loveland Pass, COLO , — high altitude, especially since we came from coastal, maritime environment — i..e. zero altitude, all of which would freeze my lungs and trigger my Mac cough. For many years it lasted about 6 months, then it started staying all year, which, accompanied by nodules on CT scans, is what prompted me to get testing that disclosed MAC. Where were your kids racing? Mine ended up racing all over.

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Oh, I could never have done that at altitude, even in my younger days. The last time we traveled, I couldn't even handle Yellowstone's altitude very well.

We were all Nordic skiers, with a little downhill for extra fun – I gave it up after bilateral hip replacement because I fall down a lot by out skiing my skill, and became afraid I would break something. My girls were competitive Nordic skiers in Minnesota, and never pursued it after high school, because the cold was too taxing on their asthmatic lungs. We are now casual outdoor players in the cold – a little hiking, sledding & skating – my daughter & her husband also snowshoe and are getting ready to introduce their young sons to it.