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Chronic GVHD ~ Let’s talk about it!

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HI Lori–thanks for your reply. I went through all the OTC ointments and drops and nothing worked. FWIW I was graded IV on the ocular gvhd chart. Mayo mixes my serum tears (I live in Mesa AZ).
I think the vaccine MAY have caused a flare, but who knows-?–I really hesitate on the pred, because I am scheduled for removal of a cholesteatoma on 4-6 (ear surgery). If it gets much worse I will. I see EVERYBODY next week (pre-surg, ophthalmology and hematology). I have been having some mid-back pain when I am up for extended periods (standing or sitting–especially with arms extended like cooking) and that is contributing to my fatigue I think. I do have really good days–I just have to remember that I can't spend all my energy on those days. I just tell myself, every birthday I get to see my grandkids celebrate and every milestone my adult kids pass make this all worthwhile.

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@pamh480 Hi Pam, Thought I’d check in with you to see how your surgery for a cholesteatoma went earlier this month. Has this impacted your hearing at all? Hopefully all is well now and you’re recovering nicely.

I was also wondering if your gvh flare settled down a bit? Oddly, I had a return of some symptoms too, about 2 weeks after my 1st vaccine appt. But it has disappeared and I was able to get the 2nd dose. Finger’s crossed there’s no repeat. At least I know now that it’s temporary and caused by inflammation. Beats getting the virus. After speaking with my neurologist, any risk from the vaccine definitely outweighs getting the virus.

Re-reading your previous message about your back pain and fatigue. Have you worked with a physical therapist? I found during all my treatment and recovery that my core muscles suffered greatly. I thought I’d been trying to exercise and been active enough to keep ‘in shape. Wrong! LOL
But after checking in with my oncologist, he set me up with a PT. Wow, learning some simple core exercises really made a huge difference in my stamina, back fatigue, standing and balance. Just a thought.

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Sending positive wishes your way! Be kind to yourself and remember to listen to your body. Lori.

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