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Did you have a reaction from the Moderna vaccine?
I agree that mask wearing and not being in large crowds has kept many from getting sick.
I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis during this pandemic. I know I’m feeling depressed because I have little desire to get back out there for fear of getting sick with even a cold. I won’t hesitate to wear a mask although the mandates will be lifted in April in my state. But how do you wear a mask if you go out to eat? My birthday is coming up and my friends want to finally go out to lunch with me. I’m not excited. Is this going to be the new me?

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This hesitation is normal, I think. I had it when diagnosed a few years ago, and actually was wearing masks in some situations before Covid and fanatically avoiding getting sick with sanitizing surfaces & hands and staying apart from anyone who had a cold.

We are fully vaccinated & beginning to move about, but so far I have resolved it for myself by doing the following –
Masks whenever I'm out, whether others are wearing or not, and leaving anywhere I feel is too crowded.
Not gathering indoors other than with my immediate family (we have been our own bubble for many months) or vaccinated friends.
Eating out – outdoors only so far, except one trusted local place with great distancing & safety protocols.
We will travel this week, and are planning some takeout along the way. We will try to choose motels with outdoor entrances to each room, and ventilate/sanitize on arrival. (We have traveled safely this way 3 times during the pandemic.)
No masks are required at our destination, so we will likely return to curbside pickup for our groceries.

If my friends asked me out, I would go if there was a place to eat on the patio…but maybe I am a risk-taker.


I had no reaction to the vaccine. My arm wasn't even sore. Wearing a mask these past 3 years has helped me avoid getting sick but I agree it's impossible to eat with one on! Perhaps, you could sit at the end of the table and have everyone else be 2 seats away. Good luck, Joan

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