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@estrada53 Hi fellow Heart transplant recipient. Mine was considered a high-risk donor and I don't know why except later I found out the donor had CMV and I had never had it and since then I did have to deal with that but im not sure if that was the reason it was considered high risk.

It's interesting tho when I was talking to the Surgeon I said can you give me some odds of it being an issue and I love his response.
Well if it was my Wife I would tell her yes take it. Which my response was good enough for me let's do it.
I'll say tho that always made me wonder if maybe the issue was a gender one. I read somewhere there is a slightly higher risk when a Woman's Heart is put into a Man. But this is total speculation. Maybe someday the Donor's family may write back and let me know more about Him or Her.

As for the CMV, I was told I have it. It shows up in my blood counts every so often and I took meds during my first year for it but didn't have any symptoms I've noticed. As of the past year or so it's been negative but they test every month.

I like this thread and I hope more join in.

Have a Blessed Day

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Thanks, @danab for your reply. I agree with you and hope others will join in as well. It's a topic that is so important now as more and more increased risk donor organs (IROs) are transplanted every year. And there is confusion about what this 'risk' really means so it's good to talk about. I appreciate your candor and response. Be well.

My donor was CMV positive but i was not told it was a high risk heart. After yransplant i was immediately started on a high dose drug to reject CMV. I don't know what the drug was, but i guess it worked.i am now 18 years out and doing well.

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