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Narcolepsy/Migraines/OCD interactions?

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I don't know as I can be much help from my experiences as i have little faith in medicines for sleep disorders because if a person is sleeping too many hours, obviously the pills are drugging them, in my opinion. I found that less caffeine is better, and i solved my sleep problems with exercise and working on the stress in my family life. I do not recommend sleeping with a spouse with a sleep disorder or snoring problems. I know nothing about migraines and have never experienced them. I have had trigeminal neuropathy and refuse meds because I can't get out of bed. I use pressure on the pain areas and the pain goes away. I have benefited from the needles stuck in me but it is expensive. It doesn't hurt! I continue to practice relaxing more often. Dorisena

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I do believe in medication for serious OCD and have seen friends with improved lifestyle as a result, especially those in executive positions. It takes a willing attitude for change in behavior, and the meds can make the job easier. I feel I have some healthy obsessions which I control by throwing myself into my favorite craft projects or music interests. I am not a happy person when I can't do my favorite projects because I need to accomplish things, not just eat and socialize in life. Most people do not need medicine, I think. If there are several family members with OCD, then meds may be in order. My sister's family all have OCD and that may be genetic. Dorisena

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