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Second Nissen Failure... what are my options?

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Hello! I feel your pain. I had the Nissen in 2013. It broke down by 2015. I had the Toupet Fundoplication done to fix it… but that didnt work either. I continue to lose weight. Am struggling to maintain 100 lbs. Get sick after every meal no matter how small. I have gastroparesis now. And positional pains. Latest surgeon told me he WON'T go in there where so many other surgeons have been. He believes they took too much fundus. I am filled with adhesions. When I cough, something bulges out where my diaphragm is… a burning, intense pain which causes me to lay flat while pushing my guts back in. Its horrible. 2 doctors says it's a hernia, the surgeon says it's not. I have no health insurance now. (I have had my gall bladder removed, a 5 lb. Mesenteri abdonminal cyst removed, Marlex mesh implanted… the Toupet was my 6th abdonimal surgery. The only option now is to go to Mayo, but I don't believe they will be able to help either, other than nutrition. Covid and no insurance leave me to survive on my own. Eat tiny meals often, chew overly well, swallow small amounts. Make sure your surgeon is a gastric specialist… not an egotistical general surgeon who is unskilled in this failure of a fix. I read 1 in every 5 Nissens fail. That is pretty bad odds. I regret ever having it done. Good luck!!

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I was told I have a hernia by several doctors–they saw the bulge and felt it (it hurts) and said it's a hernia! Well, I have had this bulge for several years. It's getting larger so I told my GP, I am ready to get my hernia fixed–it hurts! So, she sent me to a surgeon in Columbus and he had me have a test. I swallowed barium and they did a scan. I got the results stating three times–I do not have a hernia–I have an extended duodenum. I have no further appointments with him??? So, I look it up and tell my doctor I may have H PLyori . So we did a stool test–it came back negative. Next I am going to have an endoscopy. She will do a biopsy. I already have Barretts Esophagus. Have a failed Nissen Fundoplication.

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