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Second Nissen Failure... what are my options?

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@sisypheanpatient If you are in Austin.. maybe its a good time to get some good water and head back to Mayo MN… I had a failed Nissen (done in Central Iowa) and Dr. Halland at Mayo MN diagnosed it and gave me a way to cope.. He is an esophagus specialist…You need to check though there may be Minnesota GI Doctor visiting in Mayo Scottsdale AZ this March… I had a telephonic consultation with Dr. Halland in MN just a few months ago.. He will do that.. so You do not have to speculate what is wrong and how to get the best help to fix it.. Ken

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Small world. My original Nissen was done by a doctor in Des Moines. I can't recall his name.

I have an appointment with another local doctor who works with my previous surgeon after getting back in touch with my gastroenterologist. I'm trying to suss out my options here before scheduling too many appointments or traveling; my insurance is absolute garbage after my company got bought out, so my finances are in as much pain as my chest these days.

What was the result of your consultation? Did you also have a hiatal hernia present itself again after your previous Nissen?

Given that my barium swallow didn't show abnormal reflux, but my EDG showed a 3cm hernia, I wonder if the Nissen migrated. I would imagine that if it slipped or came undone it would show more reflux. The pain I'm experiencing is more of a pressure in my chest and a constant discomfort than my previous reflux issues where there was more of a relationship to food and drink.

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