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rambo77 (@rambo77)

Myasthenia Gravis and COVID

Autoimmune Diseases | Last Active: Oct 17, 2021 | Replies (34)

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Hello @rambo77 Welcome to MayoClinicConnect, a place to get and give information. Everyone shares info about their journey with health issues but we don’t give medical advice because we’re not doctors. You've asked a good question that is on so many minds. I put a link to discussions on the vaccines and health issues. I hope you’ll check out the discussions. I have an autoimmune disease and I’m on steroids and I’m getting monthly chemotherapy, but my doctors said I really should get the shot. What have your doctors said?

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Thanks for the reply and my Doctors also said to get the Vaccines . Thanks again good luck to you .

Thanks Mentor for the very nice letter and my doctor said to take the Cellecpt however I have done wonderful for 4 years and i have now cut out all MG meds as about two weeks ago, and I hope I am in Remmison. Thanks again and this is a great site Gilbert Brown in Tennessee

Thanks for the info and my Doc. said to get the shot and I did get both shots and the last shot was in March so far no side effects that i know about . I also have severe Emphysema and my immune system is compromised and have to be care full of sick people all the time. Sure hope every thing you are doing works out for the best. Thanks again for the post.

Thanks for the reply about MG and the covid Vaccine . I have had 3 phifer shots as the doc said and I take Cellcept The way I understand is you get blood work for white and red cells and the white is low compared to normal that is some gauge of your Immune system . That is what my Doctor told me.

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