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I have neuropathy in some of my fingers and feet since chemotherapy in the Fall of 2018. After 1 1/2 years the nurse in the breast center at Mayo suggested acupuncture. It has really helped especially if I can get a treatment every other week. Wondered why it as not recommend earlier.

At my 2 year follow-up I asked for my B12 levels to be checked. They were about as low as they could be. Probably one reason why I was always so fatigued and thus had no energy nor desire to do anything. Happy to report that after taking 500 mg of B12 for about a month now I am feeling more like myself. In following up to your post why aren’t tests for these vitamins (and others) routine for cancer patients? I will be asking for my B1 level to be checked at my next follow-up. Thank you so much for the heads up! We indeed need to be the advocates for our own health.

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Acupuncture helps some people with neuropathy, and not others. Seems like each of us are so different. I am so glad the B12 helped you feel more like yourself. My B12 was borderline on the low side, and i had B12 shots for months, but it did not help at all. I just don't think B1 is part of neuropathy treatment in the USA very much. Taking Benfotiamine was a true miracle for me. Within about 48 hours of taking it, my pain is gone for many hours on end, and usually only bothers me just a bit at night. A true miracle. Yes, I do think every cancer patient should check their B1, thiamine levels. The literature about low thiamine and its connection to cancer is out there!! I was flabbergasted that not one of my docs checked my B1. It was only due to a sweet lady on Mayo Connect Neuropathy group, that I discovered this miracle. I have my life back again. Best of luck, Mugs!!!! LoriRenee1