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Hi everyone! My story is that I got sick in my junior year at ASU and was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome in 2017. I had a stem cell transplant from a donor in Poland in January of 2018 and was able to go back to school later that year, and finish my degree in 2019. Activism has been a huge part of my healing process and I have been volunteering and involved with an organization called Be The Match since diagnosed. BTM is the organization that registers bone marrow donors for these transplants and it is so amazing to be able to give back this way and honor my donor. The hardest part of this whole process for me was stopping my education for treatment and then reintegrating into society and figuring out what I was/am supposed to do with my life post-treatment (especially since part of that healing has occurred during covid). The friends I have made in the Mayo support group have been invaluable before, during, and after treatment. I never felt alone with them, and I hope that anyone who joins us here or in our virtual meetings can find the same solidarity and kinship that I have. If you relate to anything I have said or want to know more, please feel free to reach out!

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Hey! I also got diagnosed during undergrad. It was a crazy time but I was lucky and had a ton of support from my Hall Director and the professors I had at the time. How was the support for you? I hope it was good.

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