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Hi @alaynarose111, How worrying this must be for you. Fellow members like @andreab @plexiclone @dawn_giacabazi @brookssh and @alex12119 may also be able to share their experiences, especially about the ventilator.

I'm glad to hear that your family has not been given a poor prognosis, however, I can see that you have questions that remain unanswered and that you are particularly concerned with how long your sibling has been on a ventilator. Has the ICU team explained why the ventilator remains necessary? Have they said what changes in your siblings condition will indicate when it is safe to come off the ventilator?

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Thank you so much for getting back. The issue remains with the injury the lungs have sustained , and he is unable to oxygenate himself properly without the ventilator, I am just getting concerned about the amount of time being spend on it. It’s pretty unusual from my understanding that someone spends over a month on a ventilator without a tracheostomy being performed. In his case the icu team says he it not ready and wouldn’t not tolerate a trach at this point. I was trying to look all over the internet for others who may have had a similar experience with the prolonged amount of time they have spent on a ventilator and their experience and recovery.

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