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Stelara injections for Psoriasis

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Although I do not have first hand experience with psoriasis i have watch my husband deal with it for years. My husband firmly believes in using psoriasis medications for short periods of time only because anything else causes it to get worse. He uses Urea 40% cream and/or clobetasol propionate .05%. If he applies medication more than occasionally it seems to change the psoriasis and it no longer responds to the original dosage. It sounds like your psoriasis is acting in a similar way in response to the medications you are taking.
Best of luck.

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I have used the 40% Urea, Clobetasol, and a whole list of other creams, lotions and shampoos, both allopathic and naturopathic, but nothing worked till I got on Methotrexate. My doctor did not want me to stay on the eight pills a week once my skin cleared up – but as I titrated down, it flared up again. He does not want me to go back on Methotrexate indefinitely as a means to keep my skin clear because it will affect my liver eventually so has decided to try Stelara. Originally the plan was to go on Humira but I didn’t want to deal with the frequency of injections, not to mention the inconvenience it would cause any time I travelled (moot point during this pandemic, of course) so he suggested Stelara. My family physician has started me on Prolia injection two or three times a year too, as a preventative for fractures at my age (I will be 75 this year).

Unfortunately my dermatologist has retired since he put me on Stelara and I am still waiting to get an appointment with the new dermatologist to whom he has transferred me. Because of Covid there is a backlog of appointments with that new dermatologist. 🤷🏻‍♀️