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@tykehome I have similar reactions as you. The 1st shot was just a very sore arm. The 2nd shot was a little harder. I have a very sore arm again. Took a few days for it to go away. I have body ache, could be my normal pain that I have even before the vaccine . Low grade temperature for one day. On the third say my heart was racing, long story short, I was ok, my doctors thought it's just the vaccine and my immune system is responding. I think what you feel, the anxiety etc was like an anti climax… We have been isolated for almost a year, then waiting for a vaccine, when it's finally here, we have to wait for our turn. Now what? What's next? I talked my friends about this, we're so glad we finally made it. A couple of days of discomfort is worth it. I hope your anxiety and anger had subsided, don't let them take over you. Take care, we at connect are here for you.

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I don't believe my anxiety and panic that occurred that day and the following 4 days was related to the vaccine. I'm sure that it was from a separate event that had to be dealt with right after the shot. My thoughts kept dwelling on the event which escalated the anxiety to last so long. Then I started to think the worst and how my immunity might be affected by this. Vicious cycle of anxiety! I'm not positive but I think those with anxiety disorders and depression might take longer to develop the antibodies but still will. Just have to wait a little longer. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I know that many people are facing mental health issues this past year for the first time and it's going to be hard to say until longer term studies are done how those with serious anxiety/depression reacted to the vaccine in regards to building immunity. Hope you're feeling better!

I just read your reply again and I do think your doctors also make a good point. The vaccine is a foreign substance and I think everyone will react differently to and to varying degrees if they react at all. I'm glad that your heart racing and other symptoms checked out to be ok. You're right, there are a lot of feelings surrounding the vaccine and what's next? Wish we had answers as the unknown never helps anxiety! I'm happy to hear that you're doing better and so are your friends! ­čÖé