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@casty Hi, I was just going to ask the same question as Amanda. You mentioned your mother was bedridden and I was wondering if the wound that is being treated is a pressure wound (bed sore)? Also, is your mom diabetic?

On Mayo Clinic Connect, we’re not medical professional and can’t diagnose health problems but we can draw on our experiences.
Your poor mom has gone through the ringer and is certainly having some serious health issues. I’m a bit confused by your mom’s reluctance to stay in her home state of Florida. Seeking treatment in another state might not produce any differing results and to travel somewhere else in poor health could be difficult for her. Florida a pretty large state with some good health care. It seems to me, your mom needs more immediate care if she’s dealing with wounds, an odor from that area, pain and very high blood pressure.

If this were my mom, I’d make an appt with a general practitioner/primary care doctor convenient to the area, so that she can be seen by one doctor who can coordinate her care with specialists. She may even need a short stay in a nursing home for monitoring.
You mentioned Mayo Clinic which might be an option for long term diagnosis and treatment, but she may need more immediate attention than waiting to schedule a consult with them.
Is there a larger city near you where you could make an appointment if she’s not comfortable with her local practitioners? You mentioned a recent CT scan showed a blockage in her lower left quadrant and that she needs an endoscopy. Did you mean a colonoscopy? An endoscopy is for the esophagus, stomach and beginning of the small intestine and not really in the lower quadrant. But whatever, if she has a blockage that really needs to be addressed quickly and could be the cause of some of her pain.
Certainly wishing your mom all the best. You’re a wonderful daughter to be so concerned and trying to find the best care for her. Lori.

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This is not a bed sore. My mother is not diabetic. She has no other health issues except for what is going on and what I mentioned.
I completely understand that you are not medical professionals. I posted this to see if anyone else was going through the same thing and to see what they did to resolve it. I appreciate you and others for taking the time to reply.

The reason why she is a bit worried about trying out another city here in Florida. (which I mentioned) is because of the treatment she has received from most doctors in the Tampabay area. As I said, they either do not do a follow up, some would not take a look at all of the previous medical records that we brought with us and there were even some that claimed that my mother is crazy and this is all because she is overweight. So I am sorry, but I do not agree that Florida has a good healthcare system. We have called Medicare and medicate multiple times in the past to both file a complaint against some doctors and warning them that some were charging high amount of money for things that my mother did not need. There is a LOT more to it but I really would not like to sit in front of my computer for a few hours typing it out.

It had gone to a point when we contacted government officials and those that dealt with things similar to what my mother is going through to no avail.

I have done this time again and again (general practitioners, surgeons, the lot) and they mostly focused on her blood pressure which is high due to what I mentioned in my first post. They never try to get to the bottom of what is causing this pain that she has or even dig deeper into her past records.

That is what my mother told me (about needing an endoscopy) when they released her from the hospital last week. But it could be what you mentioned as well. The thing is, even though we would tell the person that would try to perform the test on her that her blood pressure is high due to pain and cannot be controlled with her medication, instead of figuring out a way to lower it down to a safe level then going on with it, they would admit her to the hospital and then same thing would happen again. It is an endless cycle.