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@casty Hi and welcome to Mayo Connect. My goodness your poor mom has been through the works without getting any answers. I’m so sorry she’s feeling so ill and doesn’t seem to be getting the help she requires.
Have you contacted Mayo in Jacksonville? She’s already in Florida from what I’m reading. It would save a lengthy trip to Arizona, considering her health and it wouldn’t matter to Mayo Clinic if she’s previously seen someone else in Florida. From my experience, Mayo Clinic takes every patient seriously and works to find the answers. That is their main focus,

At the top of this page there is a box with Appointment. It will direct you to the clinic which is most convenient. She doesn’t need a referral but you do need to make an appointment. Any of the 3 locations would provide the very best opportunity for your mother to get to the bottom of things. I’m sure that would relieve your stress and hers too!

Wow, her blood pressure is really high. Is she on any medication to bring that under control? Does your mom have a fever? You mention a foul smell from her lower left quadrant. This is coming from her back through her skin? Does she have an open wound there? Would she be comfortable returning to the hospital where she had the follow up and have the endoscopy there? It does sound as though she needs immediate care.

I know there’s a lot of questions but it would help to clarify a little more, though you’ve certainly given a good history of events. Lori

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I think this email was meant for someone else.

No we have not contacted the one in Jacksonville. I will see if my mother wants to try this location.

Yes she is on medication for the blood pressure and it is not working. We have tried others in the past but it caused bad side effects.

The smell is mostly in the front. It does sometimes appear in the back.

She currently does have a wound in the area of the pain, it was addressed by the hospital that she went to last week. (this is completely new and did not happen until last week. It occured by itself after a strange bruise like spot appeared.)