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I have no health care team for my C. diff. I have been teaching myself, doing what I’ve thought best. I’ve been literally hung out to dry.

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Hi Faithwalker007. Yeah. Getting C diff is not fun. Not sure of your c diff back story. I became infected after my colon re-section. I believe I got this bacterial infection while in the hospital, but the symptoms were so similar to my surgery/re-section post healing, the Dr did not order the test for 2 1/2 months after I came home. (By then, I was sending daily emails). I was unaware of the fact that I was in a high risk group (no info or conversation). I finally was tested (positive) and given two rounds of strong antibiotics. Since then, I am aware of the signs and have learned to document, document, document. Hopefully, I will never have to contact this Dr again regarding a possible infection. I know I am lucky to not have reoccurring infections. I am good with adding pre and probiotics (food and supplements) to my diet so I have good bacteria. I wish I had more info to share. Like me, you may get more info from the members than your medical provider. It really helped me figure out what was going on and who I should talk to. Take care. virgo52.