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Lock down from COVID and Depression

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It looks like there are some really good inputs by members regarding getting moving more, which could be wonderful. My wife, who is mostly shut in, does try different things for exercise when she can. She likes Maranda Esmonde-White. TV networks in many areas run her half hour shows in which she does a lot of stretching exercises and things to help the fascia. You might look for her on your TV locally wherever you are. She does a variety of different things, some standing, some sitting, some more taxing, some less. You can pick and choose what you feel comfortable doing during one of her shows.

You mentioned confusion. Just curious, are you taking any medication? You mentioned being sick before covid, may I ask in what way you were sick? Your husband sounds a lot like me, with the morning walks, the basic household stuff but not the heavier cleaning. That's me to a "T". Fortunately my wife does get good energy days mixed in with the more normal lower energy ones, and she loves to do housework on those days. It works well for us, but in your case, would it be possible to call in the "Merry Maids" or something at least every 2 weeks or so to get down with the deeper cleaning issues?

My heart goes out to you in these difficult times. Hopefully you will be in a better situation after getting the vaccine. Best, Hank

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You are very kind to take the time to reply to my post. I have had cancerx2 and surgery and am very well taken care of on that score. What is bothering me now is the stiffness and pain. I have always been a “doer” but now am caught in a sort of vise and don’t want to do anything that involves muscles.And the pandemic! I am on the list of 1b but nothing seems to be happening! We all have our mountains.