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What I notice in the doctor's offices is a change in employee staff, both office and patient care. They are not the trained nurses we had in years past, but young people just beginning their employment. They don't seem to stay long and six months later there are new people working there. One thing that I think is complicated for current doctors is that they must search the web to decide on medications for the correct diagnosis, and pills seem to be their first choice for remedies. The obesity problem in medical staff doesn't seem to be addressed by the doctors, as I observe the staff crossing the street from the hospital going to the fast food restaurant on their breaks. It would be helpful to have good role models in the health industry. My doctor is thin, however. Dorisena

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@dorisena, We are seeing so many changes in our medical system and staffing that at times I long for my decades long relationship with my family physician who treated the "whole person" and would make specialist referrals whenever needed the same day. Patient care has changed so vastly since his retirement, 15 yrs ago, he would be astounded at the changes.

While obesity is an alarming issue in the U.S. and much is published regarding its prevalence, suggested treatments, etc, I was taken aback at my doc's reply when I asked for help with my unintended large wt loss. Her cavalier response, "I wish I had your problem!" really upset me. She did order labs and scans to determine the cause, which none revealed, sigh. However, suffering a 30 lb wt loss over a year, is nothing to make light of and hers seems to be the prevalent opinion. Dietitians and self-research reveal little other than eat more caloric foods, ets. Well, I Know to do that.

No intention to discredit what you wrote at all, Doris, just using this as a place to vent...hope you understand my frustration. Whether over or under weight, I hope all of us will continue to self-advocate and research ways to stay as healthy as possible. After all, we are the "stars of our own parades of life", yes? Smiles and good wishes to all.