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Stroke and glucose Intolerance

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Hey John @johnbishop, I believe I have discovered how to treat blood glucose intolerance through my online research. I had followed the Lee Aase diet recommendation for weight loss which was not difficult for me but after a few weeks of no results I became discouraged. Early last summer I began a 10 minute daily exercise program using my portable elliptical machine. I am very limited with exercises due to balance issues and heat sensitivity. I was feeling well. I couldn’t exercise for long because after a few minutes I began to heat up so I purchased a table fan. It was helpful. It allowed me to exercise daily up to 12 minutes for 8 weeks. I got too hot exercising so I stopped. I didn’t notice much of a weight loss with only a few minutes of exercise.
My research in stroke survivors having a risk for glucose intolerance after a few months of their stroke made sense. A stroke would cause a person to be less active. That has been true for me. Before, I visited the gym 3 days a week for at least 1 hour at a time. Then I suddenly stopped due to my AVM. The types of foods I ate before is pretty much the same with the exception now I consume far less carbs. I did exercise last summer but apparently not long enough. For stroke survivors the research recommended exercising for at least 20 minutes, 3 days a week. Exercises can benefit stroke survivors by doing several 10 minute intervals in one day. That is what I will start next and monitor my results more closely with a bluetooth scale you had used(good idea!). I will use a mini stationary cycling machine and the elliptical. I hope this makes a difference. Sounds like it may. Not much else I haven’t tried. I have two months before my pcp appointment to achieve a better blood glucose level. You have done a remarkable job with your weight loss, found the right exercise by being patient. You are almost at your goal and soon will need to figure out a maintenance program. Thank you for helping me figure this out. You have been a great inspiration. Wish you well. Toni

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That is really good news Toni @avmcbellar. Exercise has been a big part of my losing weight also combined with the fasting. Glad to you have it figured out!