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MAC and getting the COVID vaccine

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My husband and I received our second shot of Moderna vaccine yesterday around 2:30 PM. Neither of us had much of a reaction to our first shot except a bit of achiness around the injection site. As of this writing, he still doesn't have any negative reaction to the second shot (about 23 hours later) and I started to feel like I was under the weather this morning, about 9:30 AM. Low grade fever, achiness and chills (both low level). The symptoms are still persisting. I have been told by others who have had this vaccine twice that the symptoms usually don't last more than 24 hours. As I'm typing this message, though, I'm already feeling much better. Whew!

About antibody testing: I have not intentionally sought out antibody testing. But Red Cross conducts antibody testing for everybody who donates blood there starting last July. They have 3 categories for the antibody results: Negative=no antibody detected, positive=person has been exposed to the coronavirus and recovered, reactive=person who has not had virus exposure but has had at least one shot of a vaccine. I was tested negative for antibody for the 3 donations last year: July, September & December. Then I scheduled my first donation of this year a couple of weeks after receiving my first vaccine shot. The antibody result is now showing reactive. I talked to the person at the Red Cross about whether I could obtain anything more specific than the one-word result, she said they would not give out anything more than that. But at least I know that I do have antibody now due to my first shot.

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That's good news. I'm not up to donating blood but someone posted here or on another support group that Labcorps has an antibody test for vaccinated people. Other antibody tests are for those who have had covid. I need a doctor's order to have it done. Definitely something I hope to get.