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MAC and getting the COVID vaccine

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Sep 29, 2021 | Replies (163)

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Or he's bad to go like me. Joking! Thanks.

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Hi Sue & everyone. 2 things: I agree, this is not heaven, but we are still blessed in innumerable ways. I have PMR, am on 10mg Prednisone, will start long term 1/2 pill in 3 days. Tip: I use store brand liquid acetaminophen (Tylenol) in the morning, when PMR is worst, and at bedtime. I turn age 80 this year, have had asthma since age 2, have never smoked or used alcohol. I can’t get the Covid vaccine due to 2 episodes of anaphylaxis, reactions to doxycycline (Lyme disease) and blood thinners (but the ambulance trips were fun!). I had one flu shot about 20 years ago, have not had another, and never get the flu anyway. Perhaps my inhaled asthma meds (albuterol) 4 times per day are the reason? I’ve been vegetarian since 2010, eat no fish/seafood/chicken/beef but do eat eggs & dairy. Except for morning PMR pain until the pred kicks in, I have enough energy for 3 people. Maybe it’s because of my daily dose of dark chocolate? Don’t know if my experiences will be helpful to you fellow PMR pals, just sharing. 😊