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@fiesty76 I am no hair or head specialist, but since you asked . . . (watch out now! lol) here are some ideas I have:

Brushing: Many years ago when women all wore their hair long and bathing was much less frequent, women were instructed to brush their hair 100 strokes a day. It turns out this brushing served several purposes. I not only removed hair knots, it removed the dead hairs that had broken off or been pulled out by over-quaffing. It also distributed the oils from the root of the hair shaft to the ends of the hair, helping to reduce the "greasy" look at the scalp and keep the ends more moisturized and healthier. So maybe daily brushing

Shampoo: Check your shampoo to be sure it is not stripping natural oils from your hair. Many people with fine, dry, flyaway hair use baby shampoo for the gentle cleaning it provides. You are not cleaning crude oil off your scalp.

Conditioner: Check your conditioner to be sure it is providing good moisture. When applying conditioner, do not apply it to your scalp; only apply it from the middle to the end of your hair shaft. That is where it is needed and will do the most good. If applied to your scalp it may actually close the pores and interrupt the proper function of the pores on your scalp.

Blow Drying: Do you have to blow dry your hair? Can you "wash and wear"? By that I mean, comb it out and let it dry naturally? If you do need to use the blow dryer, use it on low setting and go over each area several times. Keep the dryer moving and direct it toward the scalp rather than the ends of your hair. Once your scalp is dry your hair will be also.

Product: You might have better luck with a spray-on gel used before you blow dry instead of the VO5. However, if it is working for you, do what works.

Please be aware these are just my ideas with no basis from professional hair training or experience. If anyone else knows better suggestions, please share. Thank you. Happy Hair and Hoppy Hares!

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@2011panc @fiesty76 As I age [why?!] my red hair is going silver, not gray. It has never been colored, and is naturally wavy [never had a perm or chemical treatments]. The health of my hair seems to rely on decent quality of water wherever I lived, and my general health. I try to use non-sulphate shampoos/conditioners, and wash it every five days or so. Often a leave-in conditioner or light oil is used. It is air-dry only [again, have never used blow dryer or curlers]. It is happier being shorter now, although three times I have grown it out to my waist, over the years. Hope this helps your situation.

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