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@feisty76 You have set goals that seem to be so lofty, to me. While not as specific, here is what I have come up with.
1. Yesterday I opened the first of my three "project" totes in craft room. Partially done quilt items were tagged with a sticky saying what has to be done to complete, handwork or machine, and logged into a spiral notebook. Seven in first box. Others were repurposed [fabric returned to stash, pattern to pattern tote], others set aside for a "whatcha got" box to be circulated with quilty friends. This chore will continue today with associated floods of memories and inspiration.
2. Finish hauling rocks for the front easeway, from the north downslope. This will be easier to do when drier weather comes, and fallen leaves can be leaf-blowered out of the way.
3. Set in the bricks to widen driveway and give vehicles an "oopsie" place to land, instead of uneven rocky dirt/grass. Most rocks have already been moved to easeway. Will be making a screen to help separate soil and rocks easier.
4. Curate [I love that phrase @sueinmn!] my clothes. No longer working, there is no need to keep all the clothes in the closets. Will encourage my husband to follow suit.
5. Read more, craft more, write more. Be grateful for each day.


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Aw, shucks, @gingerw! No way can I consider these lofty, just attempts at increasing self-discipline…my little child within so much prefers to play!!!

I'm reading a great deal of purpose along with added elbow grease in the resolves you listed. Congratulations and Good for you!