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I will be doubling down on my clearing out venture. My first place to tackle in 2021 will be my sewing room. The ultimate goal will be to remove everything so the room can be painted and the carpet can be replaced with vinyl plank flooring. Then I will "curate" everything before I put it back to make sure there is a likelihood I will use it. Then, in the Spring & with my husband, we will do the garage. We need to get rid of a lot, but especially to need rearrange everything we keep for safe accessibility. Many things are stored in opaque boxes on high shelves that neither of us should be climbing up to reach.

My second goal, as an avid reader, is an extension of my Covid resolution earlier this year. For every familiar author I read, I read one new author. And every 3rd book is a history or biography instead of fiction. I have done pretty well so far.

And third, I will do at least one reading of inspirational content every day – this is an increase from my current twice a week.


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@sueinmn, I was so disappointed when my favorite charity donation/resale center was closed that it dampened my "good intentions" for more culling. Will just continue to drive the intended donate items in car until it reopens.

I usually have 3-4 different types of books "going" at once and mix non-fiction with the mysteries. Like the idea of making a concerted effort to make every 3rd book a different genre. Like the several Netflix series I watch, my mood dictates "which" book or netflix I read or watch each evening.