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@awilst, good question. You should always be able to get copies of your tests as well as read outs from transfers that the Phonak aids are programed to perform. I'm tagging @julieo4 @nurseheadakes @imallears @tonyinmi @dsh33782 to get their input too on requesting this data.

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I believe you are entitled to your test results and also to any information about the products you are fitted with. As Tonyinmi pointed out, those settings may be worthless to you. On the other hand, if you are traveling and something goes wrong with your hearing aids, a provider in another area could possibly be of help. It's important to know that some providers 'lock' the hearing aids they sell, so they cannot be programmed or adjusted by a competitor. This is more typical of the 'big box' providers. Most audiology practices, especially those that sell a variety of brands, do not do that. Still, it's a question worth asking.

Keep in mind when buying hearing aids that the fitters vary greatly in skill, training and formal education. Hearing aids may be the best on the planet, but if they are not fit well, they won't do well. The fitter's skill if the key to success. And, if you don't get enough value from new hearing aids, return them and go elsewhere unless the provider is willing to give you more than 30 days time to work on them. I read things like bundled services that 'allow' 2 visits per year and it makes me sad. In many cases it may take many more visits to get it right. A provider should be willing to work with you as often as needed. It may not seem fair, but we are consumers of these products, so must be assertive enough to help ourselves.

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