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Hello @chaswach and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect, a community of members who are seeking and providing support to one another. I understand you have Crohn's and are wondering if the COVID-19 vaccine is safe for you to take.

Recent members who have posted in other discussions regarding Crohn's include @macombs @jcarndt and @ken82 . These members may have some knowledge as to their ability to get the vaccine if they've been in touch with their doctors recently.

In the meantime, and if you are a current Mayo Clinic patient, I can offer you the following information as a resource to how you can expect to know more:

-Information on COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution for Mayo Clinic patients
Do you have Crohn's or is this information for someone you care for?

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Good evening. I am a 31 year old emt working on an ambulance in Fairfield, CT. I have been diagnosed with crohns and also have some cardiac problem. I am on enytvio infusions. I was worried about getting the vaccine and for me it came down to my body reacting to the vaccine vs covid itself. After vaccine one i was wiped out the next day. Vaccine number 2 within 12 hours had fever body aches chills diarrhea nausea and dry heaving. This last about 36 hours. Fever lasted about 24 hours. I recommend to get thr vaccine despite side effects. I transport covid positive patients every day and the virus is far worse then a day and half. Please feel free to ask any questions.

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