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Sorry, I haven't ever used insulin as a diabetic type 2 so I don't know much about it. I only have experience with type 1 diabetics who use insulin.
Sometimes it is used in hospitals when drugs make the blood sugar too high. Other than that, my family relies on a low carb diet and plenty of activity.
Our bodies react differently to different drugs and also to different foods. We react differently to carbs in the diet and how much fat is in the food we eat.
A balanced diet of protein, vegetables, low carbs, and fruit without much sugar works well with practice and patience. Dorisena

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I apologize for not being up to date on the medical treatments for type 2 diabetes, so I looked up the subject on the web and was surprised to find that some doctors rely on medical treatment which is available now. That explains why new members here may not be aware of the diet methods that provide good control without insulin shots and other meds available now. As I age, I prefer to rely on diet and exercise if there are no other medical issues for good results in lowering blood sugar. But I realize after reading more that there are a variety of choices in the medical world to try and the effects are different for people depending on their health status. I also realize that some people just don't care for certain foods in their diet whether it is beneficial for them or not. It is a choice. But get better informed before choosing some of the meds that have side effects. Become informed about good nutrition for your health. Dorisena