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Integrative medicine, keto diets, etc

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Thank you for the information. I had heard the terms functional medicine and integrative medicine but never looked into them. I am currently satisfied with conventional medicine in treating my lung issues but conventional medicine has nothing to help my digestive problems. I know the cause of my problems is the surgery I had 5 years ago for colon cancer and the removal of the valve between the small and large bowels. Basically it is a bacterial overgrowth problem. I have met with a dietician and have tried the one antibiotic (3x) that sometimes helps but I am stuck on a white rice and toast diet and even then have debilitating cramps.

Perhaps a functional doctor could help?

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@rits. I know a functional medicine doctor could help with your digestive issues. As I understand it, one of the first things they do when a patient walks in the door is to check what's going on in his/her gut and heal any problems there as a first priority. I did a quick search on the web site of the Institute for Functional Medicine — and used their "find a practitioner" tab. Six pages of practitioners came up for Chicago and surrounding area. I've been looking for — and have made an appointment with – a functional medicine practitioner in my area who is a medical doctor. I want help getting off some medications and feel more secure working with DO or MD. Since I'm new to the area, I don't have any people to ask for recommendations…and hope you might. Good luck! Nancy
PS Most insurance policies doesn't cover alternative medicine practices like acupuncture, etc, which is terrible. Thus, I've had to pay up front and submit the forms they have given me to my insurance company for possible reimbursement. I'm checking to see if Medicare and my Aetna plan F supplement will cover the visit to this doctor and the labs. Hope so!