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‘‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Jan 12 11:21am | Replies (76)

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Thanks to Jennifer for raising all of these questions and providing us with more learning opportunities. I hope that Jennifer gets all of her questions answered. It is so stressful to find your way when you are diagnosed with bronchiectasis and Mac and this group has been a lifesaver for many of us.

I have another question for those who have shared information about other medical challenges: Do you think that these are coincidental or a result of (or in some way connected to) Mac? I seem to have become a regular at my doctor’s office and sometimes feel like I should add hypochondriac to my list of ailments.

Happy New Year to everyone and many thanks for being a continuing source of information and support!

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Replies to "Thanks to Jennifer for raising all of these questions and providing us with more learning opportunities...."

Kathyhg …about your question regarding other medical challenges…I too have felt like a hypochondriac!! I would joke in the voice of RosaAnnRodannazanna and read off my litany of afflictions. I know that my hiatal hernia and gerd are related to the bronch and Mac for certain, but the heart rhythm problems, sleep apnea, allergies, arthritis and glaucoma I’m not too sure of. I just think it’s my physical machine parts (body) wearing out. I don’t know why my mother never told me about this!!! Ha ha ha. I do think that certain stressors in our lives cause certain weaknesses to flare up. My divorce caused me to experience broken heart syndrome. It quite literally felt like my heart was being ripped in two and I thought I was dying at the time the pain was so bad. After that is when I started to experience my atrial fibrillation and sleep apnea. Also some things are hereditary, like the hiatal hernia and allergies. Several members of my family have those conditions.
I do think there’s something to the ayervedic body types and medical proclivities that go along with each. In the end, it really doesn’t matter. We just have to come to terms with our individual situations and take care of ourselves as best we can.
This group of Mayo connect has been a source of inspiration, guidance and humor for all of us and I am grateful to have found it.
I hope that 2021 is a better and more hopeful year for all of us.

Yes I sometimes read everyone’s message there saying and I have to think wow should I call my dr and ask him why is he giving me the medicine he gave me and not all the other stuff I’m reading that people are in for MAC I wonder why I’m on this and others are in different meds I’m still wondering that

Here is my 2cents for the group…every living human beings has symptoms…can be as mild as a twitch of the eye (neurological), mild shake of the hand (tremors/neuro), clearing of the throat (gastro/allergic/structural), chest flutters (anxiety/cardiac/respiratory)…not one of us on this planet is free from our own human conditions. It is (in my opinion) a matter of scale…to what degree do these symptoms impact or change the whole system. As we, each of us, is linked (whether we believe or not) every body part and operation is dependent or affected by another…SO…how can it NOT be that when we are faced with any true organic issue (some diagnosis) our mental focus is hyper vigilant. Now, every ache pain swelling sound wrinkle stain fluid sensation and pain…logically must be “linked” our minds tell us….or must be collateral consequence to the other. Of course, sometimes these symptoms ARE direct results of another condition…but here is the trap of despair and hopelessness that can take hold of our senses.

As my wise Mother would repeat to me…the whinnying child…”focus and put your energy into fixing one problem at a time…you may see that some of the others will fade…”

I feel that surrounding oneself with true talent (medical) loving family & friends, and working diligently hard at preserving and caring for this shell of our human exterior…and very important…live with a mind of gratitude (for whatever)…helps keep the “monkey mind” of excessive worry…more quiet.

I wish every one of you a healthy and abundant 2021.